*:..☆Black Decadance☆..:*

19th of September

At KyomachiKoiShigure Shinjuku

Hi Everyone, most of you already knows and likes Black Decadance at Kyomachikoishigure, so let's meet again on saturday, the 19th of spetember !
You don't know Black Decadance ? So, let's imagine that you are having a walk in the Edo era style little streets of Kyoto.
Discover the Tokyo fetish underground world. In one party, you get the opportunity to discover a part of entertainment for adults which is usually reserved to japanese people.
Have a look at some shows, take part in some shows....You 'll find there the pleasure of Japanese fetish courtisanes and they will be at your service to make you happy.... :)
Black Decadance is the concentration of all adults games you can dream of, Mistresses, Private Shows, Fetish, Free Play Room, Dance Floor, everyone will have fun and pleasure the way he or she desires

on Saturday 19/09/2015 from 23:45

Where ??

Kyomachi-koi-shigure in Shinjuku
Shinjuku 3 chome, 27-10 Musashino Building 6F (above Zara store).
100 meters from Shinjuku Station JR, East Exit


3000 yen (no tickets included)
4000 yen entrance + 4 tickets included


10 000 yen :VIP including : entrance + VIP Room access all night + 1 dinner + 1 glass of champagne + private show
+3000 yen 1h VIP Room access including 1 Dinner


If you want to book your VIP Room, please send an email to info@tokyodecadance.com or come one of the following bars


On place you first buy some tickets (or get with you entrance ticket), and then you use your tickets as you desire with tickets you can get
Drink = 1 Ticket
Food = 1 or 2 Tickets
Cloakroom service= 1 Ticket
Attraction access = from 1 Ticket

Ticket price : 2tickets = 1000yen
Shows access = from 1 Ticket

For convenience, fast pass ticket can be purchased online :

or online here in PEATIX box on the left

or at thi webapage: http://peatix.com/event/

You can also go to DecaBarZ (in shinjuku) or any other fetish/SM bar, partner of Black Decadance such as 
AMARCORD (Shinjuku)  


Kedama (Roppongi)

DOLCE (Roppongi)


DJs Special Aerial Dancefloor

[Zil] [Libido]

[Ray Trak] [Steam Garden]

[Kenzo-A] [Rituals]

[Chihiro] [Dark Castle]


■ ∵ Mistresses ∵ ■

In each room, Mistresses will wait for you for entertainment (access  from 1 ticket)


World Master of bondage will be please to tie you up for your best pleasure and memorie

【Club Alice】

Pleasure for Girls !!! Host Club

Club Alice is taking part in the game !

【Onabe Bar】

They look boys, they were girls ! or They are girls !

They look girls, they were boys ! or They are boys !

Special transgender attraction


Sake served by

Geisha dressed in kimono

* :: DRESS CODE ★ ★ :: *

Traditional Kimono
SM / Fetish
Lingerie Underwear
Flashy Fashion is also accepted

Casual jeans and Sneakers can not be allowed