Welcome to the Tokyo Decadance Gallery. A lot of pictures taken during the parties by our official photographer Rutsubo, and others such as Shinobu Morohashi or 橋本 はっしん a.k.a Hashin Hellfire 

2014.02.15 Black Decadance Shinjuku

Pictures by Rutsubo

2013.12.22 Tokyo Decadance Nightmare Christmas

Pictures by Taro Irei

2013.11.23 Tokyo Decadance Drag Queen

2013.10.19 Tokyo Decadance Halloween

Pictures by Rutsubo

2013.9.14 Black Decadance @Shibuya

Pictures by Rutsubo

2013.7.22 Special 80's, Adrien's Birthday @ Trump Room Shibuya

2013.6.20 Special Versailles

2013.4.20 Special Battle @ Christon Cafe

2013.3.16 White Decadance @Shower Lounge Plus, Shibuya

2013.2.16 Black Decadance @Kyomachi-koi-shigure, Shibuya